Google AdWords campaign status and AdWords policies

Google AdWords campaign status and AdWords policies

July 31, 2017

Google AdWords status Google AdWords policies

Google AdWords campaign status

When creating Google AdWords campaign, we can see a status about our ad campaign, this status pointing to the current situation about our camping.

there is six Campaign status in Google Google AdWords. Eligible, Paused, Removed,Pending,Ended,Limited by budget


Google AdWords Eligible status

Eligible status means your ad is live in Google AdWords and published on networks. but you can’t find out your ad on live, there is a problem about ad bidding. you can check your ad preview using this link AdPreview section you can choose desktop, mobile medium. AdPreview will help you to bid and place your ad in a good position.


Google AdWords Paused status

your camping is inactive because your paused it.pausing and resuming effects the
Google AdWords conversions, yes frequent changes are not “healthy” to systems in a steady state.


Google AdWords Removed status

removed status menses permanently deleted your camping. can’t resume it.


Google AdWords Pending

scheduled to begin at a future date.When you produce a brand new Google AdWords campaign, your begin date is about to “today” unless you specify otherwise. If you allow the beginning date as “today,” your campaign can begin as before long as your 1st ads square measure approved. however, if you produce a campaign and do not need it begin promptly, or apprehend the particular date after you need your campaign to finish, you’ll set the automatic campaign to begin and finish dates.


Google AdWords Ended

your campaign is not active because ended due to scheduled date


Google AdWords Limited by budget

Active, but showing ads only occasionally due to budget constraints.


Google AdWords policies

Trademarks content like ‘Google’ on your ad

Legal requirements
applicable laws and regulations.for all of the locations where your ads are showing

Financial services
applicable laws and regulations.for all of the locations where your ads are showing

Political content
promotion of political parties,issue etc.

Health care and medicines
targets only approved countries

Gambling and games

for copyrighted contents.


Adult content
Inappropriate content on ad

How to Fix a disapproved ad?

keep check your landing page is live or not.because ad will disapprove there is any problem in your landing page.Google AdWords has the option to resubmit that campaign once your landing page is back up again

Fix a suspended site

it means your ad, landing page. site violates Google Google AdWords policies.once you understand the violates fix it and re-submit it.

On this post, we have seen the Google AdWords campaign status and AdWords policies
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