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Add your content to Google post

Add your content to Google post Google introduced a new feature like add content or post to google SERP page belongs to Google business listing. This is the old formation of Google snippets. the new feature helps blog writers. tech news and small businesses, we can use google post to highlight our content to search […]

Build an Responsive Email Template From Scratch

Email marketing is the imporant part of digital marketing, email marketing has a 4400% ROI, which means you can get back $44 for every $1 spent. There are three main ways you can segment your audience – Demographic and Transactional   Major Mistakes in Email marketing Using a boring subject line Sending too many emails […]

Google AdWords campaign status and AdWords policies

Google AdWords campaign status When creating Google AdWords campaign, we can see a status about our ad campaign, this status pointing to the current situation about our camping. there is six Campaign status in Google Google AdWords. Eligible, Paused, Removed,Pending,Ended,Limited by budget   Google AdWords Eligible status Eligible status means your ad is live in […]

Different types of annoying Ads

Every one hates ads, maybe. sometimes !  we wait log time to skip ad’s on youtube, others have no skipping option. in 20th century ad’s have important roll, website pages, videos everywhere. web masters making money from ad’s unfortunately some ad’s will irritate us. Expanding Ads Another style of ad that is growing in quality […]